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United States and Foreign Policy Statement

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Topics: United States
Imperialism Review

4. amendment to the Cuban constitution that allowed the USA to maintain a military sphere of influence in Cuba
10. American who was established as leader of Hawaii after Queen Lil surrendered her throne
11. policy initiated by Secretary Hay that called for free trade in China
12. harbor in the Philippines that was captured by Commodore Dewey
14. tabloid reporting that sensationalized the news in order to sell newspapers
15. Taft's view of foreign policy that supported the use of loans and investments
17. belief that it was America’s divine right to control all the territory between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
21. Wilson's foreign policy statement that legitimized U.S. intervention in Mexico

1. foreign policy statement that asserted the right of the USA to protect its economic interests with force
2. belief that Anglo-Saxons were the dominant culture and the fittest to succeed
3. U.S. President who was insulted in the de Lome letter
5. Filipino revolutionary leader
6. Roosevelt received a Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the peace treaty for this war
7. act that established Puerto Rico as an incorporated territory of the USA
8. amendment to the USA war declaration against Spain that asserted Cuban independence after the war
9. rebel insurgents who hoped to expel foreigners from China
13. name of the voluntary Calvary unit credited with capturing San Juan Hill
16. city in which the Spanish-American War peace treaty was signed
18. U.S. battleship that sank dramatically in Havana harbor in 1898
19. renegade Mexican revolutionary hunted by the U.S. for 11 months
20. nation that denied the U.S. bid to construct a canal through the isthmus of Panama
22. territory the William Seward arranged for the USA to purchase in 1867

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