Chapter 23 Study Guide

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Question 1
The treaty ending the Spanish-American War:
Select one:
a. said that Spain could keep Guantanamo Bay
b. was ratified in the Senate over the protests of William Jennings Bryan c. provided for Hawaiian autonomy
d. was opposed by most Democrats and Populists
e. provided for Spain to pay to the United States $10,000 for each American soldier killed in the war

Question 2

Alfred Thayer Mayhan wrote The Influence of Sea Power upon History Select one:
a. False
b. True

Question 3
After the Spanish-American War, Theodore Roosevelt served as governor of New York. Select one:
a. True
b. False

Question 4
The Boxer Rebellion took place in
Select one:

a. the Philippines.
b. China.
c. Cuba.
d. Algeria.

Question 5
In the so-called Gentlemen's Agreement, President Roosevelt: Select one:
a. stopped the flow of Japanese immigrants to America.
b. acknowledged Japan's dominance in Korea.
c. agreed not to bring American armed forces into the Russo-Japanese War. d. agreed to help finance the Russian effort to seize Korea from the Japanese.

Question 6
Between 1881 and 1887, an attempt to build a canal across Central America was made by the Select one:
a. British.
b. Colombians.
c. French.
d. Germans.

Question 7
When Americans led an overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in the early 1890s: Select one:
a. Japan came in and took over the islands
b. President Cleveland refused to annex Hawaii to the United States c. Cleveland stabilized the new government by sending in the Marines d. Hawaii immediately became a U.S. colony
e. native Hawaiians once again became the dominant political force

Question 8
The "new imperialism" of the 1890's especially stressed
Select one:
a. access to new markets.
b. converting heathens to Christianity.
c. annexing territory to the United States.
d. military conquests of other nations.

Question 9
The treaty ending the Spanish-American War:
Select one:
a. was opposed by most Democrats and Populists.
b. was ratified in the House over the protests of William Jennings Bryan. c. provided for Spain to pay to the United States $10,000 for each American soldier in the war. d. provided for Hawaiian autonomy.

Question 10
The French lost 20,000 men and spent $300 million:
Select one:
a. in three wars with Spain in the Philippines
b. attempting to build a canal in Panama
c. building the Suez Canal
d. trying to secure their own "open door" with China
e. throughout the nineteenth century in wars against Germany in Morocco

Question 11
Who said, "Speak softly, and carry a big stick"?
Select one:
a. William Jennings Bryan
b. Grover Cleveland
c. Theodore Roosevelt
d. William H. Taft

Question 12
The Maine probably blew up as a result of
Select one:
a. Cuban terrorists.
b. an accident.
c. Spanish sabotage.
d. A devastating hurricane.

Question 13
Alfred Thayer Mahan is best known for his writings about the Select one:
a. dangers of annexing the Philippines.
b. importance of sea power.
c. irrelevance of an isthmian canal.
d. sinking of the Maine.

Question 14
In the Spanish-American War, U.S. forces suffered heavy losses compared to the Spanish. Select one:
a. True
b. False

Question 15
The Spanish-American War occurred during the presidency of
Select one:
a. Benjamin Harrison.
b. Theodore Roosevelt.
c. William McKinley.
d. Grover Cleveland.

Question 16
The United States purchased Alaska from Great Britain.
Select one:
a. True
b. False

Question 17
The Open Door Policy:
Select one:
a. proposed that foreign powers keep the China trade open to all nations on an equal basis b. closed Chinese immigration except for spouses and children of men already in America c. allowed a certain number of Japanese immigrants to the United States each year in return for special trading rights with Japan

d. pledged economic aid to struggling Latin American republics e. allowed Cubans to enter the United States, and Americans...
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