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Ap Us History Chapter 21

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Ap Us History Chapter 21
1. Those who favored overseas expansion by the United States in the late nineteenth century argued that
Correct Answer: All of the answers are correct.

2. The United States reasserted the Monroe Doctrine as a cornerstone of its foreign policy by
Correct Answer: insisting that Britain submit its dispute with Venezuela over the boundary of British Guiana to U.S. arbitration.

3. Military strategist and historian Alfred Thayer Mahan advocated an American policy of
Correct Answer: expanding the nation's merchant marine and navy. 4. President Grover Cleveland responded to Cuba's rebellion against Spain by
Correct Answer: offering to mediate the struggle. 5. In 1898, the American battleship Maine was
Your Answer: probably sunk as a result of an accidental internal explosion. 6. Which of the following factors contributed to Americans' desire for war against Spain in 1898?
Correct Answer: All of the answers are correct. 7. In leading the country toward war, McKinley might properly be labeled
Your Answer: a moderate in steering a middle course between popular sentiments and international considerations.

8. Many anti-imperialists opposed American annexation of the Philippines because they feared that Your Answer: it would violate America's historical preference for independence and self-determination. 9. The Filipinos
Correct Answer: cooperated with Americans to drive the Spanish from their islands during the Spanish-American War. 10. United States Secretary of State John Hay's Open Door policy
Your Answer: guarded against the partition of China into foreign colonies and the consequent loss of American trading opportunities. 11. During the early nineteenth century, some Americans urged abolition of the foreign service because
Correct Answer: the profession itself stirred dangers of entanglement in world struggles. 12. Proponents in favor of overseas expansion by the United States in the latter nineteenth century argued that
Your Answer: All of the answers are correct. 13. Evangelical Protestants in the latter nineteenth century
Correct Answer: often favored expansionism as a way to reach the lost souls of foreign "heathens." 14. The Inter-American Conference held in 1889 provided for the
Your Answer: exchange of political, scientific, and cultural information among member nations. 15. Hawaii was annexed to the United States when
Correct Answer: a joint resolution was passed by Congress during the Spanish-American War.
1. Theodore Roosevelt felt that an occasional war was necessary for the United States to prove its power and test the national spirit.
Your Answer: True 2. American businesspeople generally opposed U.S. acquisition of overseas colonies for fear that foreign products would undercut American prices.
Correct Answer: False 3. Secretary of State James G. Blaine negotiated reciprocity treaties with Latin American countries in hopes of diverting their trade from Europe to the United States.
Your Answer: True 4. As president, Grover Cleveland opposed the annexation of Hawaii by the United States.
Your Answer: True 5. The Spanish-American War was inevitable, given Spain's intransigence in refusing to consider any negotiation of the Cuban issue.
Correct Answer: False 6. In the Teller Amendment, the United States pledged it had no intention of annexing Cuba.
Your Answer: True 7. Riding a wave of patriotism and prosperity in 1900, McKinley defeated Bryan for president by an even wider margin than in 1896.
Your Answer: True

8. In the Platt Amendment, the United States granted U.S. citizenship to the inhabitants of Puerto Rico.
Correct Answer: False 9. The United States acquired the following territories in this sequence: first Alaska, then Hawaii, then the Philippines.
Your Answer: True 10. Racial theories of the later nineteenth century contributed to racial harmony and understanding within the United States, easing the burdens of discrimination and segregation suffered by African Americans.
Correct Answer: False

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