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United States Air Force and Brandon R. Gracie

By nascarman99 Nov 03, 2013 302 Words


5 November 2013



SUBJECT: Letter of Counseling

1. On 5 Nov 13, you were late for work which delayed a scheduled surgery. This action made you derelict in your duties and responsibilities, and it will not be accepted by the Air Force. Further investigation disclosed that this is your second offense.

2. You are hereby counseled. I want you to know that I consider dereliction of duty to be one of the most serious offenses an Air Force member can commit. It is your duty as an Air Force member to wake up on time and report for Duty. A repeat of this totally unacceptable behavior will result in stronger action against you.

3. The following information required by the Privacy Act is provided for your information. AUTHORITY: 10 U.S.C. § 8013. PURPOSE: To obtain any comments or documents you desire to submit (on a voluntary basis) for consideration concerning this action. ROUTINE USES: Provides you an opportunity to submit comments or documents for consideration. If provided, the comments and documents you submit become a part of the action. DISCLOSURE: Your written acknowledgement of receipt and signature are mandatory. Any other comments or documents you provide are voluntary.

4. You will acknowledge receipt of this letter immediately by signing the acknowledgement below. Within three (3) duty days from the day you received this letter, you will sign the 1st Ind below. Any comments or documents you wish to be considered concerning this letter must be submitted at that time.

Operating Room NCOIC

I acknowledge receipt and understanding on________2013. I understand that I have three (3) workdays from the date of this letter to provide a response, and that I must include in my response any comments or documents I wish to be considered concerning this letter.

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