Robin Hood Memo Case

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Strategic planning Pages: 2 (327 words) Published: June 20, 2013
TO: Me
FROM: Robin Hood
DATE: January 29, 2010
RE: Business

Our analysis of Merry Men Incorporated’s (MMI) campaign status led to the following recommendations. The principal strategic issue MMI faces is the senior managers’ need for management skills consistent with the responsibilities for their respective positions. The first recommendation is to hire an executive coach to train each of the senior managers and to assist them with making policies and operational decisions. The second strategic issue corresponds with MMI’s need for a strategic focus. The second recommendation is for the executive coach to assist the senior managers with developing and communicating mission and vision statements. The mission and vision statement content should concentrate on creating and sustaining equality, and social justice for MMI’s stakeholders. The third recommendation is to use the new mission and vision statement as starting points for developing goals, objectives and a strategic plan. The executive coach should guide the senior managers and employees in developing and implementing the goals, objectives and strategic plan.

While attending a recent conference, one of the speakers discussed the roles values, social contract theory and stakeholder analysis play in creating a business model. We request your consulting services for the following work scope.

* Analyze Merry Men Incorporated’s current situation using stakeholder analysis and social contract theory. * Based on your analysis: recommend a business model for Merry Men Incorporated (MMI) that maximizes the value proposition for MMI’s stakeholders and enables MMI to have a profitable profit model

Please respond to this request with a two page memo on May 29, 2013. Organize your memo in three sections using the following order: recommendations, current situation, analysis and conclusions. Use appendices for supplementary materials (e.g. stakeholder analysis, social contract theory...
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