Unit9 Finalproject

Topics: Crime, Ethics, Criminal law Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: February 9, 2012
Shane’ Hill-Bailey
CJ 210 Unit 9 Research Project

Shane’ Hill-Bailey
Professor Wiberg
CJ 210 Unit 9 Final Project
Ethical and Legal Preparations Required for a Successful Prosecution There are specific ethical considerations that need to be addressed when investigating Homicide and rape. A few of these ethical considerations are shared between the two such as the investigators mind state. This plays an important role in the preparations required for a successful prosecution. The investigator must be open-minded to any and all possibilities and be un-bias. The investigator must also know how to conduct all the elements of an investigation in the proper manner from a professional and legal aspect. Although homicide and robbery share a lot of ethical consideration they also have different elements for the investigator to follow to obtain a successful investigation and prosecution. The elements of an unlawful homicide is called the corpus delicti which is the basic facts collected establishing that a crime has been committed and someone is responsible for that crime. In order for the judge to hand the case over or for the prosecutor to obtain an indictment each element the investigator must provide evidence for each element of the corpus delicti. There are two elements for unlawful homicide which are; ruling out suicide, natural causes, and accident, by establishing it was a homicide and there is a person responsible for the homicide. This must be obtained and in the knowledge of the investigator, evidence technician, and criminalists. To obtain a successful investigation the investigator must be knowledgeable of the important procedures in a criminal investigation such as recording the crime scene, collecting and handling all physical evidence properly to be preserved for future reference (Criminal Justice, Homicide Ch 16). Robbery is the taking of property from a person by using force or the fear of force. When investigating...
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