Unit 9 Project Part 1
Topics: Project management, Cost overrun / Pages: 5 (747 words) / Published: Feb 20th, 2015

Contact Information:
Judith Rosas
Zandria Robinson
Kayla Slone
Sergio Gascio

Website Design
Prepared For: State Technical Institute
Prepared By: Global Systems Development Corporation

Global Systems Development Corporation

Project Director: Judith Rosas
Project Period: 60 Days
Budget Total: $22,000
Faculty: 9 Team Members

Organization HISTORY, MISSION, Vision and Structures

GSDC is a software development firm with sales, marketing, and project offices in major cities of North America. We provide a global project management services, on-site personnel as needed for design, and testing and liaison with teams of developers in India and Eastern Europe. GSDC is known to have extensive experience in website development and have completed several successful websites implementation for institutions of higher education.

Background and analysis

STI has been working with GSDC to implement the new website, and GSDC views STI as a premier customer. As the project has unfolded, however, cost overruns and delays have occurred. STI claims that GSDC underbid the project and was too optimistic in its bid and project plan. Time has been lost and the project has cost overruns to date of $200,000. Given today's date and the need to have the site in place, STI management has clearly articulated that the new website must be up and running within 60 days of the beginning of these negotiations.
Proposed goals, objectives, target population and implementation plan

Considering the state of the project we are about 75% complete and we can finish the project under tight constraints. GSDC is the most knowledgeable and with only 25% left of the project left to complete we believe that the completion of the project by GSDC would benefit both parties. Both sides can take a “lessons” learned. Considering the work completed there is not much left of the project to scope and our confident that we can finish out the final pieces and components of the website. The

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