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unit 8 as 1 nicks story

By Kaysmama Feb 26, 2015 282 Words
Krista Smith
A&P 2530
Unit 8 Case Study 1: Nick’s Story
A. Prickling sensation in both feet
Weak reflexes
Loss of muscle tone
Loss of feeling in feet
Symptoms both sensory and motor

B. The symptoms Nick is describing are likely caused by peripheral nerve damage; Not damage to the CNS.

C. Diabetic neuropathies damage peripheral nerves. The component of the reflex that is most likely to be damaged in Nick’s situation would be the patellar reflex and the Achilles reflex.

D. The division of the autonomic nervous system affected, that’s causing Nick’s GI symptoms is the parasympathetic system.

E. Autonomic reflexes adjust heart rate, force of ventricular contraction, and blood vessel diameter. (how blood pressure is controlled)

F. During physical stress the part of the brain that interacts with the ANS to initiate rapid heart rate and respiratory rate, elevated BP and extreme sweating is the prefrontal cortex.

G. The adrenergic receptors regulate the closing of sphincters and relaxation of the organ walls.

H. Polyneuropathy is an appropriate term to describe Nick’s symptoms because his symptoms are caused by damage to more than one nerve. (poly meaning multiple)

I. The symptoms that indicate polyneuropathy are the decreased ability to feel pressure or pain. Burning and tingling in feet, decreased reflexes, being clumsy and dizziness.

J. Nick’s symptoms indicate a peripheral polyneuropathy rather than a CNS lesion of the brain or spinal cord because they are symptoms related to sensation loss or weakness of certain areas.

K. Symptoms related to somatic reflexes are the weakness of reflexes, loss of pressure sensation and burning and tingling in feet. Symptoms related to autonomic reflexes are dizziness when standing up and GI tract symptoms.

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