Topics: Blood, Feedback, Positive feedback Pages: 3 (1158 words) Published: May 4, 2015
Roxann Milbourn March 15, 2015
The 2000 Meter Row... A case in Homeostasis

At the start:
1. What is responsible for raising Jim's heart and respiratory rate and stimulating sweat just before the race? Homeostasis is the cause. Jim is nervous but he is making his body be calm so he doesn’t psych himself out. His nervous system sends signals to his heart. His respiratory rate increases. Since his heart is beating faster and respiratory rate increased this caused him to breathe more rapidly and his body is sweating to maintain a normal body temperature. 2. Why is the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system active just before the race? The stress and the pressure of the race is taking a toll on Jim and it makes his autonomic nervous system more active due to the stress and pressure. 3. What changes do you think are occurring in the digestive and urinary system at this time? Because his stress level is rising his digestive feedback starts. Changes in Jim's urinary system are because he is sweating. His kidneys are working harder because of the stress from the race. Kidneys play a major role in the urinary system which control a lot of your body functions such as electrolytes, water, and acid-base balances. 4. What is happening to Jim's blood glucose levels just before the race? Because Jim has been sweating constantly this causes dehydration and has also because his blood glucose levels to drop. 5. Why is Jim's mouth dry?

Jim’s mouth is dry because his saliva glands started to slow down. Your body produces saliva to aid in digestion of food and when you’re putting stress on your body the last thing your body is going to think about is getting your mouth wet and ready for food. SO it can slow the production to none at all.

One Minute In:
1. rowing full speed is putting new demands on Jim's body. What are these new demands and how does the body respond to them? Because he is at full speed the new demands make his heart rate increase from 65...
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