Unit 7- Play and Learning in Children's Education

Topics: Lev Vygotsky, Developmental psychology / Pages: 18 (4328 words) / Published: Sep 16th, 2013
Unit 7 – Play and learning in children’s education
Diploma in Child Care and Education Cache Level 3
E4 Include examples of different theoretical models of how children play and learn
E5 Include an explanation of how observations can inform planning to meet children's learning needs
D2 Include an explanation of the key issues in recording assessments
C1 Analyse the importance of planning and providing learning opportunities to meet children's diverse needs
E6 Include TWO (2) examples of information from agencies outside the setting which may contribute to the assessment of learning needs
E7 Include TWO (2) plans for curriculum activities which show different approaches to planning learning opportunities
D1 Provide evidence of how the planned curriculum activities can promote learning
E8 Include information about the importance of consulting with parents and others when planning and providing learning opportunities
E11 Include references and a bibliography E4 Include examples of different theoretical models of how children play and learn
E4 - There are many theorists who have contributed to the body of knowledge relating to how children play and learn. The one I am choosing to write about is Friedrich Froebel. He met Anton Gruner, which inspired him to start teaching. He put his theories into practice in 1818 then founded his first children’s garden in 1837. Where he said that there should be lots of sensory and first hand activates in nature, music and arts. This is used in my setting as they have a vegetable patch and each week a small group of children go out and do gardening. This encourages children to touch different texture. My setting turns this into an activity where they have to use expressions about what they are doing. He was the first theorist to write about the importance of play. He was a very strong believer in play to improve a child education. He also believed that play raised enjoyment and emotional wellbeing. So each child should

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