Unit: 5 Managing Networks D1

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Task 5 (D1)
Produce a report that justifies the need for network managers to undertake routine performance management activities. Please ensure that your justification for these activities relates to reasons of efficiency and how they affect the quality of the service provided. Activities could include (but are not restricted to)

1. Scheduled backup of data
The reason why it is important to scheduled backups of data is because data to a business can be very important to them. This is why data should be backed up regularly to ensure data can recover easily also data in some business might change frequency so this is another reasons why it should be backup regularly.

The best time to perform a backup is when the network is at its lowest point of usage this is most probably when the business is closed. Because if you tried to back up the data when people are on the network it will degrade the speed in the network a lot and any data save while the backup is running will not be backed up.

2. Testing the integrity of data that is backed up
The reason why testing the integrity of data that is backed up because the is no point in backing up your data and not knowing if the backup works. Because as time goes on any sort of backup material will start to break down and you don’t want to need the backup when it has not been tested and end up with it been broke.

Another reason why we have to test the integrity of data that is backed up is to check for any human errors because you don’t want to be recovering the data and find out your missing half the data that was needed because this could lead to losing important data that makes the business lose money.

3. User account maintenance (creating, deleting and applying login restrictions etc.) One of the reasons why we have User account maintenance is for security by making sure the user account have a force password change when first logging in to the account to make sure the user have a one of a kind...
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