Unit 8 Assignment 1

Topics: Domain Name System, E-mail, Backup Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Lab 7: Security Basics.
Zone –Alarm is a two way firewall. The software is free! It also provides an array of features like identity theft protection, online backup’s, and web security. Linksys has firewall settings on their SOHO routers. These firewalls protect the entire network. Most of the SOHO routers on the market today are wireless and provide all different types of wireless security including WPA 2 and also allowing for parental control. Firewalls are sometimes bought as a standalone device but most of the time these days they are built into the router. Software routers are installed on your computer and protect your computer from unwanted traffic.

Trojan horse – pretends to be a ligament program.
Malicious e-mail attachments - or worm usually attached to an e-mail Drive-by-downloads – when you visit a web site a virus attaches itself

Full back up – Backs everything up
Differential backup- remembers everything up until last full backup Incremental backup – remembers everything up to last regular backup For safety backups should be stored off site because you could lose everything this will allow you to have the information off-site to be retrieved at a later date.

$TTL 13000
@ IN SOA mailer.justafigmont.net. hostmaster.justafigmont.net.( 8824456781; serial
18000; refresh every 12 hours
4100; retry after two hours
442700; expire after two weeks
80500 ); minimum TTL of 1 day

IN NS mailer.justafigmont.net.
IN MX 10 mailer.justafigmont.net.
mailer IN A
firewall IN A
switch IN A
relay IN A

cisco IN CNAME switch
www IN CNAME mailer
mrtg IN CNAME mailer

First, the SOA record lists the name server for the domain, and next the e-mail address of the administer of the domain (note that the @ has been replaced by a period). The serial number doesn't have to be a date, however, whenever a change to the zone file on the master DNS server is changed, the...

References: http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/zonefile.htm
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