UNIT 4222

Topics: Wheelchair, Need, Individual Pages: 4 (1196 words) Published: November 23, 2014
UNIT 4222 – 396 Support individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities

Outcome 1

Understand the impact of multiple conditions and/or disabilities on individuals

1. Describe possible multiple conditions and/or disabilities that individuals may have People with severe or multiple disabilities may exhibit wide range of characteristics, depending on the combination & severity of disabilities, and the person's age. There are however, some traits they may share, including: needs assistance in their everyday routine from getting up, dressing up and assisting with their meals and drinks, limited speech or communication, difficulty in basic physical mobility, tendency to forget skills through disuse, trouble generalizing from one situation to another and a need for support in major live activities (e.g. domestic, leisure, community use, vocational).

2. Explain how multiple conditions and/or disabilities may have an additional impact on the individual’s well being and quality of life

An individual who have a physical disability means they need to use a wheelchair and a sensory impairment results in them having a hearing impairment or a sight impairment and autism. This affect them in their everyday life; getting around their home, going out, using services & facilities, communicating with people, getting information in a format that's right for them (Braille, Easy Read, Audio, DVD, Large Print) accessing buildings, public transport, people's lack of awareness & understanding & their attitudes & opinions. They are treated differently to others, people assuming that you couldn't speak for yourself, patronising you, discriminating against you, being stereo-typed giving them low self esteem and afraid of socializing.

3. Explain how multiple conditions and/or disabilities may impact on individuals opportunity to participate in a range of activities.

The greater the severity or impact on an individual, there is a...
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