Purpose and Techniques of History Taking in Rehabilitation Counseling

Topics: Patient, Rehabilitation counseling, Disability Pages: 4 (894 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Purpose and Techniques of History Taking in Rehabilitation Counseling A presentation Topic
Submitted to Mrs. Bolu Steeve
Of Counselor Education Department
In the Faculty of Education in the
University of Ilorin
Sanda Idowu Lawal

Rehabilitation counseling can be defined as a process where the counselor works collaboratively with the client to understand existing problem, barriers and potentials in order to facilitate the client’s effective use of personal and environmental resources for career, personal, social and community adjustment following disability. In carrying out this multifaceted process; counselor must work towards assisting the individual to adapt to the society, ensuring the society acceptance of the individual’s participation in societal development with focus on client’s independent living and work. Rehabilitating a disable person is a task that is procedural. Among the necessary steps to be taken in helping such clients is taking history of the whole circumstances that surround the individual’s ability. HISTORY TAKING:-

History taking is a structured assessment conducted to generate a comprehensive picture of disable client’s problem with the aim to find out the course, prospect and possible solution to disability. The focus in history taking should be on the following.

i. The client’s previous and current health problem (disability) ii. The previous and current treatment and medication
iii. Factors affecting the client’s living conditions
iv. The responses to preventions and treatment of disability i.e. life style issue, risk factors etc v. Contributions of the family member and the background study of the family in connection with the client’s disability. Even information should be recorded in document that will be used in diagnosing the possible solution to client’s problem. The content should includes; THE CONTENT

i. The location of the disability and type
ii. Its...
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