Unit 4: Business Communication

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Unit 4: Business Communication

The Organisation I done my work experience at was at Tesco's. I will be showing you the different types of information they use for there company to excel. Tesco’s is one of the biggest grocery stores which is currently leading in the grocery market. It has now grown and now has different departments to their store e.g. Clothes, pharmacy, home electrical and etc.

Written Information
Tesco's use various types of information, written information could come from surveys they produce such as customer service surveys and also questionnaires for the customers for example “how do you find our vegetables?” this question would give them knowledge of how the customer feels about Tesco's fruit & Veg. Another type of written information could come from a customer making a written complaint about the store, this could help the company because then they could try solving the problem and avoiding the situation the next time it happens.

Verbal Information
Tesco uses verbal information through the customer assistants persuading customers to buy products. Also if the manager has asked for a clean-up on an aisle, a customer assistant would be told through a speaker that they need to clean up. In this case, the shop will be kept tidy for customers because customers would not want to come to an untidy, unorganised store so it makes the store more appealing.

On-screen Information
Tesco’s use On-Screen info by showing advertisements, one of their advertisements show their competitors prices and Tesco's own, they compare and show how many of their items are cheaper than their competitors and this draws in the competitors customers . This will allow Tesco's to reduce some of their item prices because the more customers that comes in the more profit they make; this will allow them to drop prices down.

Multimedia Information
Tesco's use a large number of multimedia information for instance they now have club cards – this...
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