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Topics: Tesco, Customer, Customer service Pages: 8 (1779 words) Published: September 25, 2014

Managing Human, Physical and Technological Resources
This assignment is based on the Human, Physical and Technological resources Tesco use to make their business successful and effective. Human Resources
The first resource that I am going to study is Human Resources. Human Resources are the people who work for Tesco. They need to be treated carefully and with respect. Tesco manage their staff in different ways to run successfully Staffing to meet changing business demands

Staffing to meet changing business demands mean that Tesco now have a number of different staff working for them depending on how busy or not they are. For instance, Tesco recruit more staff at Christmas time because they know they have a lot more customers then. Having more staff at this busy time means customers are being served quicker. They don’t have to wait as long to be served and they get good customer service and will want to come back again. This means that the sales and profits increase, making Tesco more effective. Co-ordination of team resources to meet targets

Staff members at Tesco have unique talents. Tesco put a staff member who is good with customers onto the shop floor to deliver good customer service. Having a staff member who is good with customers on the shop floor or on tills is effective for Tesco as it will encourage customers to come back, as they have received good customer service and will leave Tesco happy. They will continue to shop in Tesco and this will increase sales and profit. Monitoring of team performance

Monitoring of team performance means making sure that everyone who works at Tesco knows what they are doing and are performing well in their job. Tesco hold regular meetings to monitor their team performance. This is effective for Tesco as it encourages the workforce to work harder and clarifies what they are supposed to be doing; this makes the employees content and confident in their role. A happy workforce is a more productive workforce which is less likely to phone in sick, meaning Tesco will not be understaffed and customers will always have a positive shopping experience. Liaising with other departments

In Tesco, teams of people take charge of different areas and it is very important for Tesco that there is communication between each department. Without communication between these departments, Tesco couldn’t run smoothly. For example, the Finance department in Tesco need to communicate with the Marketing department so that the Marketing department know how much money they have to spend. This means that they can effectively advertise Tesco’s products and attract more customers to the shop; this will increase Tesco’s sales and profit and make Tesco more effective as a business. Establishment of Professional Culture

Tesco need to have a professional image for their customers. An example of how they do this is by making their employees wear a uniform. This is effective as the customers know who they can talk to in the shop if they have a query or problem and therefore they will leave feeling happy with the service they received from Tesco and will want to continue to shop there. Provision of appropriate incentives

Tesco offer their employees little rewards for working hard and being part of the business. These are called incentives. An example of this is employees receiving bonuses in their wages. This is effective for Tesco as it will make employees work harder and meet their targets. This makes the store more likely to achieve their overall targets and for the entire business to achieve its aim. Encouraging creativity and initiative

Tesco show their employees that their ideas are valued and they can use their employee’s knowledge to benefit the company. For instance, Tesco don’t give their employees strict ways to work, they let them work out the most effective way for them to do their job. This is effective for Tesco as employees can find quicker and easier ways to do their job and...
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