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unit 12 level 2 teach and learning

By danielle01uk2003 Oct 02, 2013 797 Words
Unit 2.12 Prepare and maintain learning environments
Outcome 1.1-1.4 Prepare learning environments
School security is one of the most emotive issues facing head teachers, school staff, parents and school governors. Nobody wants to see a repeat of headline hitting crimes such as the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school in New Town, Connecticut, Or people being stabbed inside or outside schools. Security problems can arise in all kinds of circumstances. For example: Outsiders coming into schools

Violent actions by pupils, parents or staff
Children and young people need a good environment to learn. The environment needs to be clean, warm, quiet, safe and friendly. All these factors make it easier for them to learn as they are less likely to get distracted and hurt. The learning environment need to be kept clean and tidy to stop hazards arising and to stop accidents happening. Most security measures can be low cost and mainly common sense. School gates should be kept closed and locked at all times during the school day. Having one entrance to the school also means its more secure and makes monitoring of strangers much easier for staff. All visitor’s including parents bringing in forgotten lunches should use the main reception door and been seen by a receptionist. They should not walk around the school unaccompanied and if teachers see people walking around without visitor badges on they should question them. Playgrounds should only be accessible from inside the school and not by external visitors. Parking areas are meant to be separated from play areas. Schools need security to protect our children from harm and danger and have procedures in place to stop accidents happening, for example: CCTV

Playground is surrounded by a wall or a fence.
Once the school day has started all gates outside are kept shut and locked. Teachers supervise children in playgrounds.
At the beginning of the day the teacher and teaching assistant sound spend a few minutes going through the lesson plans. Once the teaching assistant knows what exactly is happening we can then get out the necessary resources needed. This may be getting their reading books ready, getting paints, brushes, water jugs set up, outside play area ready and work sheets for them. We must always make sure our schools, class rooms are organised and have stationary we need. Classrooms should be age appropriate for example if young children are in a classroom which is dull or has complicated words over the walls they will not be very interested. However, if a classroom for young children is bright, colourful and with numbers and letters over the walls this could aid there learning as its more interesting and fun. Also getting the children to put their work on display will make them feel proud and confident and could encourage them to continue working hard. Young people still need bright rooms in order to stay focused. The walls can still be used to display good written or art work depending on the subject. Some learners may have particular needs and we need to address these by making the environment suitable for them to learn in for example: If someone is wheelchair bound they need to be based on the ground floor. Organise the classroom ergonomically so all children or young people can see the teacher and board clearly without being uncomfortable and ultimately distracted. Sitting those with additional needs at the front so they can see and hear clearly without getting so distracted and receive extra help if needed. Whilst I am working I must check for hazards, security, health and safety and risks. I should take appropriate action if there is the likelihood of an accident, injury or harm, for example, a pupil swinging on their chair. If we are undertaking potentially hazardous work activities we should ensure we are using the correct moving and handling techniques, wearing correct PPE to the situation. We need to make sure we are using the correct methods and procedures when dealing with spillages and waste disposal. We must take immediate and appropriate action to deal with health and environmental emergences including fire, security, serious and minor injury and first aid. If and when an incident or accident occurs we have to record and report all issues accurately and completely in line with confidential agreements and according to organizational and legal requirements. All safety should be checked on a regular basis to make it is available at all times and fit for purpose. If any deterioration is detected it must be reported and taken care of straight away. Results of an inspection should be kept until at least the next inspection and these records should be kept if not on computer then in a locked file which can be accessible if requested.

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