Teaching Assistant Assignment 2

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Emotion Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: March 22, 2014
Teaching Assistant - Assignment Two.

1) Explain the five broad social and emotional aspects of learning.

There are five broad social and emotional aspects of learning: Self awareness which enables pupils to have some kind of understanding of themselves to understand what there thinking and feeling. It helps them to feel good in things they do, it helps them to know its ok to have feelings, but not to behave anyway they feel like it.

When it comes to managing there feelings they use a wide range of strategies to recognise them and accept them. They will be able to stop and think before acting, they can calm thereself down when they choose too also and understand that there feelings can change how other people feel emotionally.

Motivation it enables pupils to be enthusiastic and active in learning, it enables them to make there own goals and be able to work towards them. When a pupil is motivated they can set thereself a challenge, they will also bounce back after disappointment or where mistakes have been made.

Empathy enables a child to recognise feelings of others, to value and respect other peoples thoughts and feelings. To allow them to be supportive to others and offer help if needed.

Social skills enable pupils to be a active part in groups, communicate, negotiate and support the learning of others. Social skills enable the pupil to know how to be friendly, to be assertive when needed and to be able to work well in a group and understand what helps that group work well together.

2) Describe 5 appropriate methods that help pupils recognise and express emotions.

Five appropriate methods that help pupils recognise and express there emotions are: To use a positive approach
Use active methods
Use whole class meetings and circle time
Use co-operation group work and peer education
Ensure learning opportunities are participative, experimental and empowering.

3) Discuss how you would encourage co-operation when working within a...
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