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Sugar Act (1764)

Sugar Act of 1764
an edict passed by the British Parliament that placed a duty on sugar (three pence per gallon); caused a variety of protests George Grenville gained wide support in the British Parliament for the proposal of the Sugar Act of 1764 Themes: Politics and Power, America in the World

Vice-Admirality Courts

Vice-Admirality courts
maritime tribunal overseen by a royally appointed judge; does not have a jury Vice-admirality courts gives more power to Britain by influencing right and wrong in political circumstances, and it gives Britain a chance to tyrannize its colonies. Themes: Politics and Power, Identity, America in the World

Stamp Act (1765)

Stamp Act of 1765
British edict that placed a duty on paper products (marriage certificates, deeds of property, playing cards, etc…) The colonists argued that the Stamp Act was a direct tax that Britain was attempting to impose, and the colonists refused to comply with it.

Themes: Politics and Power, America in the World, Ideas, Culture, Beliefs

Virtual Representation

Virtual Representation
a claim in which Britain argued that the colonies were being represented in Parliament through merchants who traded in the colonies and by absentee lords (sugar planters in the West Indies) Britain used virtual representation to prove that British America was being represented in Parliament. Themes: Politics and Power, Ideas, Cultures, and Beliefs

Quartering Act (1765)
Quartering Act 1765
an edict requested by General Thomas Gage; required colonists to provide food and shelter to British soldiers serving in the colonies; it reduced army maintenance costs and it gave Britain a chance to invade peoples’ houses. The Quartering Act of 1765 was an invasion of privacy and a violation of basic American liberties and natural rights according the American Bill of Rights. Themes: America in the World, Politics and Power

Stamp Act Congress
Stamp Act Congress
assembly of delegates which met in October 1765 to protest about the Sugar Act of 1764 and other events which deprived colonists of their rights; Congress debated the morality of the said act and declared that only colonial legislatures can tax the colonists. The Stamp Act Congress defied the British by declaring the Stamp Act unconstitutional. Themes: Ideas, Culture, and Beliefs, America in the World, Identity Sons of Liberty

Sons of LIberty
radical colonists who banded together to organize protests and boycotts against the British and imperial edicts made by Parliament; formed in 1765 in Boston, Massachusetts The Sons of Liberty were deemed a terrorist group by the British who threatened British officials by tarring and feathering them. Themes: Ideas, Beliefs, and Culture, America in the World, Identity English Common Law

English Common Law
a body of rules and procedures that is centuries old and protected British property rights and British lives. English common law was embraced in the British Isles for centuries under the British monarchy. Themes: Ideas, Beliefs, and Culture, and power and politics

Natural Rights

Natural Rights
according to John Locke, the natural rights are life, liberty, and property; political authority is not derived by God by monarchy, it is derived from social compacts John Locke authored the Two Treatises of Government, which outlined the basic natural rights everyone should embrace. Themes: ideas, culture, and beliefs, politics and power, identity

Declaratory Act (1766)

Declaratory Act of 1766
an edict issued by Britain to assert its authority over the thirteen American colonies;passed in 1766 The Declaratory Act was not respected by the American colonists and was largely ignored by the colonists. Themes: power and politics, America in the World

John Dickenson

John Dickinson
Pennsylvanian lawyer and author of Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania, In one of his famous Letters, John Dickinson wrote that the colonists were...
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