U.S. HIstory objectives and vocabulary

Topics: George Washington, Separation of powers, United States Pages: 3 (1315 words) Published: October 19, 2014
1. Proclamation of 1763- A document issued by King George III to officially claim British territory in N. America after the Seven Years War. 2. Sugar Act- A law issued by the British government in 1764 taxing foreign fined sugar, coffee, indigo, and wine. 3. Stamp Act- an act of the British Parliament in 1756 that exacted revenue from the American colonies by imposing a stamp duty on newspapers and legal and commercial documents. 4. Sons of Liberty- Colonial group formed to protest British taxes 5. Townshend Act- A series of 1767 laws that placed new taxes on glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea. 6. Committee of Correspondence- Group formed in th1 770s to keep colonist informed about British violations of their rights. 7. Intolerable Acts- 4 laws passed by parliament to punish colonists for the Boston Tea Party and to tighten government control of the colonies. 8. First Continental Congress- Convention of colonial delegates to discuss their grievance against Parliament. 9. Treaty of Paris- A peace agreement that ended the Seven Years War, and officially establishing the United Sates of America. 10. Federalists- A system of governing in which power is divided between a strong central government and sate government. 11. Anti-Federalists- People who feared a powerful national government and opposed the Constitution as written. 12. Judicial review- Power of the courts to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional. Objectives Questions.

a. One of the most notorious battles of the American Revolution was the Battle of Bunker Hill around Breed’s Hill. The dawn of June 17, 1775 he British had found themselves on the wrong side of the newly built bunker created by the colonists. After the British awoke from their sleep, they began to fire on the entrenched colonist. The victory went to the British but not without losing 226 men and wounding 928.

b. The Battle of Trenton took place near Toronto, New Jersey on December 25, 1776. The battle was fought...
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