Unit 001 1.1 Level 2 Childcare

Topics: Communication, Translation, Confidentiality Pages: 3 (563 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Unit 001. Outcome 1.
Different Reasons Why People Communicate

·Establishing/Maintaining a relationship.
·Expressing needs and feelings.
·Giving and receiving reassurance, encouragement and support.

Explain How Effective Communiction Effects All Aspects of Work.

Effective communcation leads to making and maintaining relationships with children and adults, because trust is formed, information can be passed and received easily. Encourgament, help ,advice and support can also been formed. Care for children depend on postive working relationships, which in turn depend on effective communication.

Explain Why It Is Important To Observe An Individual's Reactions When Communicating.

By observing a adult/child's reaction when communcating you can generally tell what mood/feeling they are in. E.g facial expressions, whether they make eye contact with you.

Unit 001. Outcome 3.
Identify Barriers Communication

·Language Barrier, e.g: May only speak a language other than English. ·Cultural Barrier, e.g: Some communication may be inappropriate in some cultures, for example-touch. ·Physical Barrier, e.g: Noisy environment.

·Personal Barrier, e.g: A lack of confidence.
·Attitudinal Barriers, e.g: Practitioner's poor attitude to fulfilling their job roll. ·Organisational Barriers, e.g: Incorrect information given.

Identify Sources of Information and Support or Services to Enable a More Effective Communiction. ·Translation Services, e.g: Translators are bilingual and multilingual. They will translate writing/text into other languages for people. ·Interpreting Services, e.g: Translators are bilingual and multilingual. They will attend a setting. ·Speech and Language Services, e.g: A speech and language therapist will meet with a child and work on ways to develop their speech and language. ·Advocacy Services, e.g: Advocacy means supporting or representing the interests of people who are likely to be disregarded or have difficulty in gaining...
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