Uniform Persuasive Letter

Topics: High school, Education, Dress code Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Kaylie Cruz
123 Spork Lane
Fork Town, CA, 37890

Dear Mrs. Cruz,

In 1996, only 3% of public schools in the United States made uniforms mandatory. As of today, 21% of public schools use uniforms and it is raising graduation rates. In 2005, a professor, Virginia Daa reviewed attendance at all Ohio public schools who used uniforms and compared them with attendance scores of public schools without uniforms in the area. She concluded that the proficiency and graduation rates are above average at 64 public school in Ohio with uniforms. This study shows that uniforms are a good investment in students, schools, and parents time, money, and best interests. I believe that students in public schools should wear uniforms because it promotes community spirit, focuses learning, and demonstrates equality.

Community spirit is something all schools try to enforce but some kids are just not into pep rallies or school football games. If uniforms become mandatory at public school then everyone can feel like they belong to the school. It’s just like if you play on a sports team like soccer or baseball. They give you a uniform so the team will look like a team and the kids will belong to the sport. If you make the uniform something all kids have to do they will feel unified and this will prevent clothing cliques. Some say that uniforms are a waste of money, still doesn't prevent other types of cliques and can make some students look bad, but most clothes that kids by nowadays are more expensive. Cliques can never be totally eliminated because they are groups that kids fit in to. Uniforms make everyone feel like they belong somewhere and it feels good to feel that way.

Without the distraction of getting dressed in the morning students can focus on why they are at school in the first place, to learn. PBS asked a teenage girl in a high school that had uniforms about getting ready in the morning. She stated that at her middle school they didn’t use uniforms so it took a...
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