School Uniforms

Topics: High school, Dress code, School uniform Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: October 13, 2008
The issue of school uniforms dates all the way back to the 1980s when public schools were getting looked down upon for not having uniforms. Many argue against them saying they take away from children’s individuality and ultimately don’t save parents money. With all the facts at hand I am prepared to stand up and speak my opinion about the benefits school uniforms and dress codes have. (Wilde, Kakoulas and Modenbach)

As the end of the summer approaches parents often start to stress out knowing that their kids are going to want a new wardrobe, equipped with designer labels, for the upcoming school year. When I went to public school in Dayton Texas my parents would spend about three hundred dollars per child on clothes and shoes for a new school year. That’s almost one thousand dollars for three children to have “cool” back to school clothes. With the school uniforms policy in affect parents are only expected to spend about $162 per child (Wilde, Kakoulas and Modenbach). There are also foundations and uniform drives for those who can’t afford the certain things some schools may require. I attended a Catholic high school where uniforms and dress codes were strictly enforced and sometimes the cost could add up. Previous students who already graduated would donate their old uniforms for children who could not afford both the high tuition cost and the cost of uniforms. In an article from Education World’s website they suggest that adopting a foundation for making arrangements for needy families (School Uniforms: Panacea or Band Aid).

In an interview with a former student at St. John High School, a Catholic school in Plaquemine, LA, Heather Trahan explained how when she was a senior they had a strictly enforced uniform policy but also had choices of what they could wear. “They required that we wore either the assigned plaid shorts/skirt or navy pants. We also had the choice of a white polo or a yellow button up, both with the school logo.” She goes on to say that...

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