Unieuro Electronics Market

Topics: Major appliance, Home appliances Pages: 8 (2143 words) Published: May 2, 2013

Workshop 04: Retail Experiences_Branding through Design
Project leader: Silvia Barbieri
Assistant: Raya Mustafa
Student: Padula Claudia
Group members: Padula Claudia, Anushree Biyani, Dhany Saballini

The consumer electronic market is continuously dwindling in relativity of the shrinking economy. Unieuro, another consumer retail chain is facing the slashes of this continuously altering economy and lifestyle of people with nothing unique to offer to its consumers. To find a solution to the same, the company and its competitors were analyzed in terms of its offerings, consumers and consumer perception. Market trends and consumer insights were gained which helped us propose a new trend of consumption for people. The proposal was, ‘UniExpress’- an unique service that would allow people to rent consumer appliances that they desired, for just as long as they want. This service would be offered by an individual entity created by Unieuro. A loyalty program would bridge the two organizations fueling both with consumers and thus business. The proposal aims at fighting the limited liquidity now available with consumers to spend and yet quenching the desire for a better lifestyle. 

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UniEuro was born in Alba, in Piedmont, in 1967, with the opening of a store where they sold clothing and linens. The founder, Paul Farinetti, gives the name to the warehouse UniEuro in honor to Spinelli’s thinking that Europe would soon be united becoming one big market. The introduction of appliances is initially through a catalog in the early seventies, while the first four stores dedicated exclusively to household appliances date back to 1986.

UniEuro continues to expand. The expansion is then also through the franchise and in 1995 was acquired Trony, then sold to the buying group Gre.

In the second part of the nineties are opened numerous outlets, with the opening in Rome in 1999, and also was acquired La Triveneta. The expansion continues and UniEuro comes to be present in most of the national territory.

In 2002 UniEuro is sold to the British group DSG International, which controls 100% of the company. The stores have a sign UniEuro, while the smaller ones and franchises have the sign UniEuro City. The directly operated stores are 120, of which 68 are "stand alone", 22 in shopping malls, 3 "outlet" stores and 100 franchise brand UniEuro City and UniEuro.

In 2008, is decided a "cut" of unproductive stores, resulting in the closure of more than 40 points of sale in Italy. In that year, has also decided to "incorporate" the brand "PC City" in-store giving UniEuro apparently a specialist look in the IT sector, but in practice did not lead to major differences in type of goods sold.

Unieuro is one of the leading companies regarding appliances in Italy in order to understand the company we need to understand the market of consumer appliances in Italy and how the consumer perception affects this market.

Consumer appliances in Italy have been very vulnerable to the economic situation, with retail volume and value sales declining during the height of the economic crisis, in 2008-2009. While demand recovered slightly in 2010 due to government incentives to purchase high energy-efficient major appliances, this programme was no longer effective in 2011, which resulted in another year of declining sales.

During the first semester of 2011, major appliances registered poorer growth performances than small appliances, which were not especially influenced by the recession. The economic situation worsened in the second semester of 2011. According to the Italian Statistical Authority and Findomestic Bank, the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) and consumer spending forecast, especially for major appliances, dipped in 2011. This was due to the economic situation and uncertainty...
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