Unicqly Artistic

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Uniquely Artistic
When growing up you look up to so many people wanting to be like them. I grew up in a typical middle class Mexican Family. My father worked in factories while my mother was a homemaker. I love my parents dearly, but there was nothing for me to look up to career wise. It wasn’t until my dad started to take me to the public libraries where I fell in love with Interior Design Books. Anything that had to do with art, landscaping, decorating, and even architecture designs, I loved. I found myself at a very young age knowing that this is what I wanted to do when I grow up.

Jesus Sanchez, my brother-n-law, works for El Paso Winnelson. It’s a bath and kitchen idea center, so I asked if he knew any interior designers that I can interview. He knew a few, but had a great one in mind for me. “She is not licensed, but she is really good at what she does,” he said. Her name is Karla Frausto. She has been an Interior Designer for about ten years. So he gave me her number to set up an interview. As I called her, we agreed to meet at Starbucks during the weekend. I couldn’t wait, I had so many questions to ask. As I walked into Starbucks all you could hear was the coffee grinder going, employees yelling that coffee was ready, and people talking loudly in the background. I found a small square table in the corner and sat down. I waited for about twenty minutes and as I looked up, she approached me.

“Are you Ana?” she said with a smile.
I smiled back and replied, “Yes”
We shook hands and started the interview instantly. She wasted no time. I no longer heard the loud noise in the background. It was just her and I. The first question she asked me was, “Why do you want to be an Interior Designer?”

My response, “I believe I have a good eye and has what it takes.” “I can tell,” she said. “You have that confidence and that is what you need going into this type of business.” She went straight to the point and started to...

Cited: Frausto, Karla. Interior Design
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