Folkway Violation

Topics: English-language films, American television sitcoms, Sociology Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: April 28, 2011
Folkway Violation

For my folkway violation I chose to position myself six inches away from someone during a conversation. I chose to try this particular one because I knew my mom would give me the best, honest reaction. She has always had a small pet peve that was people getting in her personal space. I thought to myself this is the perfect norm violation for me to use. I was able to easily approach my mom at home where she would be completely clueless of the stunt. I began planning the night before by thinking of exactly what to talk about in our conversation. I figured to make it seem normal I would just ask her about her day at work like I do almost every day. The plan was all set and ready to go I just had to wait for her to get home from work tomorrow. The next day I was getting ready to leave for class when she walked in the backdoor. She had brought home a few groceries so I helped her carry them up the stairs. It was then I began to ask her about her day at work. She first began to tell me how she had a rough day because some of her co workers came in late. She wasn’t in the best mood but I still kept inching closer. After about thirty seconds she gave a confused look and awkwardly began backing up. I couldn’t help but to laugh at the look she gave me. I started explaining that it was an experiment for my sociology class and it wasn’t until then that she found humor in the situation. We laughed together for a few seconds and she asked me why did I choose her? I told her that I knew she would give the most honest response.

I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction. My mom was definitely the perfect person for this norm violation. I honestly thought she was going to start screaming at me when I was moving closer. I’m glad she stayed cool and got a kick out of the whole experiment.
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