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American Dream Interviews
I decided to interview four members of my family for a previous assignment. I was told to ask them about what they thought the American dream was. I received several intelligent responses, and some were very similar. These next few paragraphs will describe each interview I partook in.

The first person I interviewed was my aunt Angie. She is a very smart and independent woman. My aunt has raised first four kids in her life so far, and I believe she was someone worth interviewing for this particular subject. I was sitting by the pool, talking to her. She told me that her opinion on the American dream is, “Having the opportunity to receive everything I wanted, and to succeed in everything I do.”

Next I interviewed my uncle Tim. Tim is a very intelligent and kind man. I respect him and all that he says, does, and contribute to this family. I went into his office to ask for his opinion on the American dream. He told me that, “Opportunity to create any life I choose to live and how I want to live it.” This made me think deeply on my opinions.

After timothy, I decided to go and interview my mother. She is the most amazing person in the world, and I love her for all she does. We were sitting in the kitchen, eating subway, and I decided to ask her about her opinions on the American dream. She told me, “Having the freedoms to pursue or achieve any goals without repression or restriction.” These words were very inspiring to me. Lastly I interviewed my cousin Andrew. He is a very strong and caring young man, and I thought the opinion of a younger one would be helpful. I went into his room while he was playing his games, and I asked him about his opinions on the American dream, and his thought for a minute. Finally he spoke, and these were his words. “I believe that the American dream should be to want fame, fortune, and love. These three aspects of life can bring someone eternal happiness and true experiences in this troubled world....
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