American Dream

Topics: Barack Obama, United States, Sociology Pages: 3 (538 words) Published: January 18, 2015

Assignment #1

Sonya Brown
English 098
September 22, 2014

While living in America, I have witnessed many transformations within society as a result of the government and public policy. I do not agree that almost anyone can achieve the “American Dream”, as social status, race and gender can impact the success. My perception of the definition of the “America Dream” is that people are given equal opportunities to gain success despite their differences. The “American Dream” is also a dream that suggest that life should be fair and plentiful for all citizens. Unfortunately, social status has become a hindrance for achievement. There are not the same opportunities for the lower social groups compared to the middle and upper class. Within the article “All Americans are Victims of Katrina amid system failures” by Walter Mosley there were clear examples provided to show the inequality of the rich and the poor. Due to the already impoverished state, the government ignored the calls and cries of the citizens of New Orleans after such a tragic hurricane. Since there was a lack of response and minimal resources after the tragedy, it was very hard for the people to progress yet alone make any achievements towards success. Race is a very sensitive topic for most as it can be offensive and controversial. In the very recent news, there have been numerous violent cases where it appears that individuals were targeted because of their race. I am against those who believe that since President Obama is black, it makes it easier for other African Americans to reach their highest potential. Looking back on the article, it noted that the government failed to rescue, rebuild and redeem because the majority race within the area was African American. This lack of rescue and slow rebuilding will delay most people from achieving the American dream. It also goes against the principles of the American dream that all men are created equal and...
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