Understanding the Public Sector

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Assignment 1.1
In this assignment I am researching into the structure and the role of the public sector today. The Public Sector is services which are funded from the government via taxation. The services consist of many services the main services consist of the Fire service, the Armed Forces, the National Health Service and the Education System. These services are publicly owned and paid for by taxation, which means that the services are accountable to the public. These services are meant to aim to provide a good quality and effective service, rather than making profit. The services run because society needs the services. There are two other sectors in England's economy; the Private and Voluntary sectors. The Private Sector is services that are owned by individuals and businesses, which sell goods, such as supermarkets, and services such as airlines. Their main aim is to make profit. The Voluntary Sector is services where most of the workers are unpaid; the sector includes charities and voluntary organisations such as the Red Cross, Mountain Rescue and St. Johns. However, the Voluntary Sector occasionally receives grants from the government; the organisations can get money through membership fees and still be included in the sector.

There is an increase in partnerships between the Private and Public Sectors. A modern day example of this would be in the Armed Forces, where the Armed Forces are a Public Service but the company that caters for the Forces are a Private Company. Another example of this would be in HM Prison Service, again the HM Prison Service is a public service but the Prison Transport services are a privately owned business.

In this part of my assignment I will be looking at the development of the Public Services. I will split the development into four main categories, from the early days to the present. I will be looking at the developmental stages with detail; I will be looking at how and why the public services have changed.

Section One / Pre 1800

Before the 19th century there was an established Parliament, Law courts, Army, Navy, Customs also we had a few Prisons. However, most criminals where either killed or sent abroad. Compared to the present, the public services then were limited and provided a small area of services. For example the Police Force and the National Health Service were not formed and these services are often seen as the foremost important and key Public Services into day's society, society would not run without theses services today. In the Pre 1800, people had to provide and help themselves, for example, if you where ill, then you or your family had to pay for medical attention, where as today, the National Health Service are paid via modern taxation. At the present time public services are "free", although people pay through taxation; this means that the modern public services are accountable to the public / tax payers.

The Military services consisted of just the Army and the Naval Forces, both services where poorly run and organised. The public had just started to recognise the need for public services. At this stage has no professional police, fire and ambulance services that are vital for the smooth running of today's society; people had to just help themselves.

Section Two / 1800 – 1899

This period of time is very important in many aspects of British history. During this period of time the Industrial Revolution occurred, this had a major affect on many aspects, including the public services. Some sources state that industrial growth happened from 1740, however the major changes to society and the growth of industries occurred later in the 19th century. Industrial Revolution refers to the development that transformed Britain from being mainly agriculturally based nation to a "town centred" society and leaning to more factory manufacturing.

During this period of time the police service was formed. In 1829 Robert Peel established the police force. The...
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