Understanding the Management Role

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ENOC corporate consists of 12 different departments, which are as follows: Group Management
Group Finance
Group Legal
Group Environment, Health, Safety, & Quality Compliance
Group Internal Audit
Group Purchasing and contracts
Group Engineering and Constructions
Group Corporate Services
Group Human Resources
Group Information Technology
Group Strategic Planning and Business Development
Group Brand and Marketing Management
They are all service providers for the ENOC Group of companies. I work for Group Brand and Marketing Management GBMM. As Corporate Communications Manager, the purpose of my job is to guard the Corporate Brand Image and supervise the development of the ENOC identity and of other subsidiaries to ensure all marketing business communications are in line with ENOC’s identity standards. Moreover, I conceptualize, develop and execute all plans pertaining to media communications of ENOC and all its Companies. For instance, I look after all the ENOC corporate literatures such as the corporate website, brochures, advertisements … etc. and showcase/promote their growth globally, and their diversity in the field of energy, by displaying their products and services. The organization in relation to its purpose and its stakeholders GBMM’s vision is “To make the ENOC Brand a symbol of how ENOC Group contributes to achieving economic development and prosperity for Dubai and the UAE” Source: GBMM Strategic Plan 2010 – 2014. ENOC brand should be considered amongst its stakeholders as a wholly-owned government company that plays a big role in enhancing the economical development and good lifestyle of the city. For example, ENOC provides cooking gas to all the hotel industry, households and restaurants. ENOC also provides the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority DEWA with oil that is used in the machines that generates electricity. It provides petrol for the cars, trucks, trains, and Jets and many more. So we can say that ENOC is plays a key role in maintaining the level of lifestyle that its stakeholder desires.

The Mission Statements:
1.Managing brand meaning by linking all integrated marketing tools, corporate communication channels and CSR activities to achieve ENOC brand Excellence.

2.Providing consistent quality Branding, Advertising, Sales Promotions, Sponsorships, Event Management, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Market Research, Crisis Management and PR services to our customers to be the most innovative, efficient and responsive brand and marketing management department.

3.Enhancing CSR effectiveness by building partnerships with the Government Organizations GO’s, and None Government Organizations NGO’s, businesses, and communities in various parts of the UAE to build a strong and sustainable program.

4.Conceptualizing and developing all aspects of communication, internally and externally, while consistently applying Corporate Brand Identity standards.

5.Exceeding public’s expectation while continuously investing in our employees

Source: GBMM Strategic Plan 2010 – 2014.

We are guardians of the brand equity locally and internationally; therefore GBMM constantly designs the strategic to promote the brand through its activities. For instance, promoting in the retail areas like the convenient-stores or by doing more of the CSR activities like blood donation days and using effective communication medium that works best for each initiative. For example, one of the ENOC CSR initiatives is “ENOC Challenge”, which is about bringing the Emarati students who have finished high school and are from families with low-income and give them the opportunities to work in ENOC to have exposure of the workplace and gain experience. We prepare the communication materials to promote the event and spread the awareness through advertising mediums such as Posters and inviting the press to cover the event to get media recognition, both Radio and TV. Eventually this enhances the...
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