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Questions on unit one

1. Outlie the difference between sequence and rate of develoment. Why might children develop at different rates in different areas?

All children are different in sequence of development depending on events of what will happen while growing in age, as like Maslows hierarchy of needs are shown you need all acpects to develop, you need (qouting from Maslows hierarchy of needs) basic needs such as physiological needs (Health,food,sleep), safety needs (shelter, removel, belonging and love needs (love, affection, being a part of groups), esteam needs (self-esteem and esteem from others) to finally you will reach the top to self-actualisation needs (Achieving individual potentail) so for a child to develop they must complete one of the area's before they move on to the next one.

each and every child will develop at a different rate for example Some babies start teething from 6 months and some of them start even at 9 months, some babies can start talking at around about 1 Yrs but in some case's at the age of 1 yrs some babies will still only babble and point at what they want but it will depend on the individual. milestones of development are given as a broad avarage of which they expect a child to reach but not all children are the same and will develop at their own pace.
There are also other different areas of development from physical, social, intellectual and language no matter what the age of the child.. If at all one is skipped or is slow it can be a cause for concern and may lead to a child being given a special recommendation.

2. Discuss two personal factors and external factors that could influence a child or persons development

These are some factors for personal and external factors

Personal factors of a childs of development

Pupils health mother who uses drugs, drinks and smokes what happens during pregnancy
Being born premature

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