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Treasure Retriever
(Knights vs. Pirates)

Regine Castillano
Marjunel Dela Cruz
Novelyn Unciano


Background of the study

In early time keyboarding start with the use of typewriter in business, school, government, etc. Typewriting is necessity at that time. Today, efficient keyboarding is necessary skill for the majority of occupation and even to most of us spent time in front of the computer screen weather it surfing in the Internet, playing, and even email to friends and family. It is considered as important skill to express oneself and write well. Keyboarding can be learned by the use of computer and a written or printed works hard or soft copy. It is much easier to learn keyboarding by the use of typing tutorial software but the existing software needs to improve its feature. Computer games offer pleasures for the player to experience and learn the objective of the game. The proponents plan to combine game and keyboard tutorial because it adds eagerness to a player to finish the game. Today, there are typing tutorial game that also pressure the player to do their best to obtain the skill needed to master keyboarding but our game has story that entertain the user for every chapter and stages of our game. The users of our software acquiring the story while learning keyboarding.

Statement of the Problem

Beyond having typing tutorial for the user who wants to learn keyboarding, the users still ended up quit to learn because of the less pleasure the game give to them. Our software is a typing tutorial that we present as a game for us to enjoy learning and acquiring the story. Acquiring the story of the game adds enjoyment to the user and excitement to discover the next chapter of the game. The study was intended to challenge the user by the co user of the software by the use of their rankings in a score ladder. Most of us wanted to take the first place in a score ladder by having the highest score. The users of our software can replay the game until they take the desired score in a game. Students mostly problems regarding making a documentation using computer were the time that they invest just to finish the work, wrong grammar that they made and the thought of their sentences. It all happened because student focus to the keyboard on how they will type the documentation because of that students disregard the time, grammar, and thought that they use for making their documentation. The software teaches users the proper technique on how they can express their thought in the computer using keyboard.

Objective of the study

The general objective of the software is to develop a new and improve version of typing tutorial. Specific Objective:
1.) To improve computer typing skills of the users.
2.) To learn and enhance their hand-eye coordination in playing the game. 3.) To offer a Speed Building course to help hone the players typing skills. 4.) To type words in a keyboard without looking at it.

5) To know keyboard technique
Demonstrate correct use of right and left hand
Learn correct body and arm position
Identify location of letters and numbers in a keyboard
Keep eyes on copy – concentrate on copy to be keyed
Uses correct finger reaches for each key
Achieve 30 word per minute speed at 95% accuracy
6) To acquire the story

Significance of the study

The main user of the software is everyone who is capable of using computers because of the widespread use of computers in schools, offices and homes. The characters that we use in the software are drawn in “chibi” style because the proponents encourage the younger children to try the software. It is important for them to learn proper keyboarding techniques early so that they do not develop bad habits that are very hard to break. Learning alone of typing without a tutorial book, software or a guide ended up in “hunt-and-peck” system of typing. The proper way is...
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