Typical Day at Work

Topics: Problem solving, Meeting, Complaint Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: October 18, 2012
I was a sales director in the average website. I managed a small sales team. My team consisted of about 10 persons.
I started my typical day to check my inbox. I had to decide which cases were important for immediate response. After then, I used to check our sales targets. With this knowledge, I started meeting with my sales team. Usually, I used to discuss problems in achieving sales targets.

Next I had the meeting with the GEO (who was the owner of the company too). Due to working in the IT business, we usually used Skype for video-conference. I reported him our sales results and asked for support if I needed it.

The second part of a day was dedicated to meetings with the main clients. I offered new services in these meetings. Also, I use to make contact with clients who had complained and we discussed problems with the services. Usually, meetings with prospective clients were the duties of my staff. Sometimes, if it was a very important prospective client, I did it as well.

My favorite thing about this job was meeting with my staff. It was a group of very young and creative people. I liked to support my team and helped to solve problems. I didn’t like to solve customer complaints. Our clients usually wanted more services for less money and it was always in danger of losing clients and income.

In the future, I would like to do this kind of job. I love sales and have to deal with challenges of this type.
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