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Types of Tornados

By youngkhalifa32 Apr 22, 2014 303 Words
A tornado is a violent rotating Colum extending from a thunderstorm to the ground. Tornados are very capable of hurting people and making destruction to the things around them. Tornados can have speeds of two hundred and fifty miles per hour and more. Tornados damage paths known to be a mile wide and up to fifty miles long think about it that’s scary. In an average year eight hundred tornados are reported nationwide, resulting in 80 deaths and over on thousand five hundred injuries. There are many types of tornados. The average tornado is usually split up into categories based on how strong or weak the tornado is. Most tornados about 69% are considered weak, which means they usually last between one and ten minutes, and have winds less than one hundred and ten miles per hour, they death percent occurring during these tornados is less than five percent. Strong tornadoes, about twenty nine percent 29%, may last about twenty minutes, have winds between one hundred and ten and two hundred and five miles per hour, and the percent of deaths that are found are about thirty percent of all tornado deaths. The last category for tornadoes is violent ones. With these comes winds greater than two hundred and five miles per hour, they can last about an hour, and have seventy percent of all deaths from tornadoes. Another type of tornado is known as a waterspout. This is a weak tornado that forms over warm water. They are most common along the Gulf Coast and southeastern states. In the western United States, they occur with cold late fall or late winter storms, during a time when you least expect it to develop. They occasionally move inland becoming tornadoes that can cause a great deal of damage and many injuries. Most tornados evolve from energy.  

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