Storm Chasers

Topics: Wind, Tornado, Thunderstorm, Tropical cyclone, Storm, Severe weather / Pages: 1 (145 words) / Published: Nov 9th, 2015
Lauren Tarshis writes that storm chasers “are working to unravel the secrets of tornadoes.” When she says this she means that storm chasers work toward uncovering more information about tornadoes and their mysteries. Meteorologist can predict a variety of different types of weather, but tornadoes continue to stay a mystery. Even the most powerful radar cannot see a tornado that is hidden behind a ẅall of rain¨ (pg. 8). Piotrowski “unravels the secrets of tornadoes,” by following storms, such as the one in Joplin, Missouri. He has been studying supercell storms for over thirty-five years and has witnessed over 850 tornado strikes (pg. 6&7). Piotrowski and many other storm chasers can be an early warning for incoming tornadoes, which

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