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Each day over 40,000 thunderstorms are taking place on earth. A thunderstorm is a form of weather characterized by the presence of lightning and its acoustic effect on the Earth's atmosphere known as thunder. The meteorologically assigned cloud type associated with the thunderstorm is the cumulonimbus. Thunderstorms can generally form and develop in any geographic location, perhaps most frequently within areas located at mid-latitude when warm moist air collides with cooler air. They are the result...

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Thunderstorm thunderstorm, also known as an electrical storm, a lightning storm, or a thundershower, is a type of storm characterized by the presence of lightning and its acoustic effect on the Earth's atmosphere known as thunder.[1] The meteorologically assigned cloud type associated with the thunderstorm is the cumulonimbus. Thunderstorms are usually accompanied by strong winds, heavy rain and sometimes snow, sleet, hail, or no precipitation at all. Those that cause hail to fall are called hailstorms...

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The Thunderstorm

 The Thunderstorm. As the day dawned and the sun peeped through the clouds, I hurriedly jumped out of bed and awoke my sister. It was the perfect start to what promised to be a great day. Clear, blue skies greeted us and we were excited and full of joy for today was the day we were going on our long awaited trip to Maracas Beach. As I ran downstairs I could smell the delicious aroma of curry. Mummy was just about to “chunkay” the pot. My mouth was watering already. Curry duck, dhal and rice was...

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week 5 lab 90

An ordinary cell thunderstorm is a A.thunderstorm that does not produce lightning or thunder. B.thunderstorm that has a tilted updraft and downdraft. C.scattered or isolated storm that is not severe. D.thunderstorm that does not produce hail. Answer Key: C Question 2 of 10 10.0/ 10.0 Points A group of thunderstorms which develop in a line one next to the other, each in a different stage of development, are called A.a thunderstorm cluster. B.a multicell thunderstorm. C.mature thunderstorm...

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Science questions

video that you can post on YouTube. 3. The continent that has the greatest risk of tornadoes is: A) North America B) South America C) Eurasia D) Africa 4. The photograph to the right shows _____ clouds attached to the underside of the thunderstorm anvil. A) nimbus B) haboob C) funnel D) arc E) mammatus 5. Which statement is FALSE? A) Buoyancy force and continuity can combine to create horizontal and vertical winds. B) Pressure-gradient force and continuity can combine to create...

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Chronicles of Ice Personal Experience.

Nicole Cabrera Eng. 104 Intro. Composition 02/10/13 Wonderful Thunderstorm I remember walking in my tiptoes through an endless hallway with tall white walls. I was little and I was scared. During this everlasting path I was illuminated by a striking white light that came from the sky. Finally I arrived to my mom’s room. I watched her sleep peacefully and doubted about waking her up. As I hesitated, my mom slightly opened her eyes and watched me observed her. She gave me a welcoming smile and...

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3. In what ways are severe thunderstorms different from ordinary cell thunderstorms?  What are some of the meteorological or atmospheric conditions that favor the development of severe thunderstorms? The basics of a thunder storm are fairly easy, because they consist of thunder, lightning, winds, rain and heavy hail at times. “The storm itself may be a single cumulonimbus cloud, or several thunderstorms may form into a cluster” (Ahrens, 2015, p.288). Thunderstorms form in unstable environments...

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Tornado Alley

more. At the same time cold air form Canada is on its way down. When these to air masses meet the cause thunderstorms. Tornados a form in thunderstorms. It happened when the unstable hot air from the ground rises coming in contact with the cool air about the thunderstorm thus causing tornados. But one of the most important factor is because of these air masses being so strong the thunderstorms are usually more intense, or ‘super cells’. Tornados are more likely to appear in super cells, making it...

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Earth Space Science Chapter Challenge

important to know what kind of weather [ CITY ] goes through to ensure people's safety and know what to expect during certain time of the year. [ CITY ] encounters five severe weather hazards: thunderstorms, flash floods, lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes. Thunderstorms are a short lived weather system that produces rain, lightning, and rarely tornadoes. Flash floods are a sudden rise in water levels of a steam, river, or manmade drainage system. Lightning is an electrical discharge...

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destruction. Chiefly, there are different causes for a tornado. “An MCS is a cluster of thunderstorms that act as a system and often produce severe weather” (Bluestein). Many past thunderstorms formed super cells; super cells contained fast-spinning air called a mesocyclone. “The air that rises from the ground in the vortex creates low air pressure near the ground” (Bluestein). Many tornado-forming thunderstorms have formed in low-pressured areas. “You need warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico...

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