Tornados and Hurricanes

Topics: Tornado, Tropical cyclone, Thunderstorm Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Tornadoes vs. Hurricanes

What is the difference between a tornado and a hurricane? A tornado is a dark funnel shaped cloud that is made of rotating winds which are very violent. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone with constant winds that can pass 74 mph. And appear with rain, thunder and lightening. I think that theses both are seriously dangerous to be in. A hurricane and tornado both form in warm, damp air blowing from opposite ends. They both cause flash floods, mudslides and they also cause deaths. The two contain an "eye" which is the center of the destruction. They are very violent storms and produce intense low pressures. This is hard to believe but both tornadoes and hurricanes rotate clockwise in the southern hemisphere and rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere. There are a ton of differences between tornadoes and hurricanes. One is that tornadoes form on land and hurricanes develop over warm, tropical waters. A tornado only lasts a few minutes while a hurricane can last up to ten days. Since the hurricane is much larger than a tornado, a hurricane can release tornadoes and a hurricane gets a name after it is down destroying a place because it makes it easier to identify it. The "eye" of a hurricane can be up to 20 miles long and the tornades "eye" can only be a few feet in diameter. Tornadoes occur from April to June and hurricane occur from June to November. A tornado travels from south west to north east and a hurricane travels from east to west. Tornadoes have been spotted in every continent except Antarctica. I picked the topic hurricanes and tornadoes because I couldn't think about any other topic to choose from. This was an easy topic for me and I learned really good information. I learned that I won't be in a hurricane anytime soon because hurricanes don't occur in Iowa. I also learned that a hurricane can take up a lot of space in the sky. After learning about tornadoes and hurricanes it seems like the tornado is a...
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