Types of Post Offices in India

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Types of Post offices
Head office:
A head office is the chief of a group of offices consisting of it self and a number of small offices called sub and branch offices which have been placed under its accounts jurisdiction .It is the central office for itself and for all the sub branch offices within the group and monetary transactions of the latter offices are incorporated in its accounts. Sub offices:

A sub office is a post office subordinate to and in account with a head office. It’s headed by Sub post master Branch office:
A branch post office is a post office which is lower in rank than sub office.It is headed by Branch Post master. Night post office:
Some important post offices have extended their working hours up to 8.30 in night in weekdays and holidays. Record office:
It supplies the forms,bags and stationery required by the sections while at work. Army post office:
Post offices located for the use of Defence Personnel are called Army post offices.It is equivalent to head post office. Field post office;
For the conveyance of defence personnel ,branches of Army Post office are located in different parts .FPO is equal to sub post office. Office of foreign exchange;
A post office or sorting office which exchanges mails with offices in foreign countries .

Primary duty of post offices
Post offices give many services to the people .But its primary duty is to collect ,sort, transmit and delivery mail. Mails consists of letters, postcards, inland letter cards, book packet ,printed books, periodicals, registered newspaper, sample packets and blind literature packets. How mails are collected ,sorted and dispatched?

Mails are collected from :
* Letter boxes
* Across the counters
They are :
* Stamped at the post office
* Sorted out for various destinations
* Bundeled with check-slips
* Enclosed in mail bags

Primary functions of a post office
* The mail bags are sent to mail office or other post offices. * In mail office these bags are opened .Letters are further sorted out according to places of destinations. These are then enclosed in mail bagsand sent to different mail offices for further sorting or to the post offices for delivery . * These bags are sent by air,mail,rail,road,boats etc.

* They are received by other mail offices, which sort them and send tem to post offices concerned in sealed bags and these bags are received by post offices * These mails are taken out from mail bags. Letters, long letters and packets are separated . * They are stamped with delivery stamp and sent out for delivery through postman/delivery agent concerned or through post boxes/ post bags. * The articles which are returned by postmen undelivered as not known, addressee left , address incomplete etc. These letters are kept in deposit cases and are reissued for delivery, sent to other offices, sent to the returned letter office.

Clearance of letter boxes
* Letters are placed in the offices as well as in important localites outsides the post office.The sorting PA should know the different timings of clearance of all the letter boxes . * The sorting PA has to clear the office letter box according to the specified time. Outside letter boxes

* There are some fixed hours where the LB assistant clears the letter boxes at boxes.

Unregistered articles accepted at the counter of the office
* Articles posted under certificates of posting
* Registered news papers
* Surcharged air mail articles
* Bulk or big articles which cannot be posted in to the letter box * Unregistered Parcels.
Separation of article for stamping
* The letter received from letter boxes and at the counter of the post offices are separated in to first class and second class. * They are further separated into
* Fully prepaid letters, post cards and letter cards
* Fully prepaid book packets ,news papers and pattern packets * Unpaid and insufficiently paid articles...
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