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Define the industry to be analysed, the industry and organisation global or overseas:

Postal industry is long history industry, and which is used be necessary in people’s life. Since 1809, Australian Postal Corporation (Australia Post) has been found by one postman in Sydney. And now, Australia Post has become the largest postman in Australia.

Key product and services segment and industry cycle:

The Australia postal industry can be divided into two main segments: 1) The parcel segment, which is the largest segment in the industry. For the past few years, since the higher Australian dollar and the advance of technology have both contributed to this increasing demand as more Australian buy goods from overseas via online shopping. The demand of parcel was greatly increased because of the increasing of online shopping. And the future expectation on the parcel segment is still strong in these few years. There was only 3 percent of Australian shopping online which is lower than the average of 8 percent in the western world.

2) The mail segment, the mail segment can also divided into three small segments, transactional mail, promotional mail, and social mail. The transactional mail and social has been deceased in past few years, since the electronic forms of communication have been developed. Such as email, a more convenience, faster, cheaper and reliable form to exchange information. Even the promotional mail is till remaining strong since business still prefer using physical paper form rather electronic forms, cannot help with the mail segment in the postal industry. And this trend will continue to be greater in the future, which means people would prefer choose electronic forms rather than physical paper forms to interact.

The industry cycle can be concluded into two segments in accordance with the industry segment, since these two segments entered into different stage of life cycle. a) The parcel segment in postal industry enters into the

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