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Synovial joint 1
A synovial joint is a joint that allows a wide range of movement. These are important when analysing sporting movement. The first synovial joint that I will look at is the hinge joint. The hinge joint can be found in the knee and elbow. Hinge joint can only perform two types of movement – flexion and extension. When analysing a jump shot we need to get into a set position where our elbow and knees are flexed it is a hinge joint that allows us to do this. When we shoot we go from flexion into an extended position. Again, it is the hinge joint in the knee and elbows that allows us to do this movement Synovial joint 2

A ball and socket joint is another type of synovial joint. They can be found in the shoulder and the pelvis. Ball and socket joints give us a wider range of movement than a hinge joint. Ball and socket joints, like hinge, allow flexion and extension but they also allow us to perform movements away from the centre of our body and towards the centre of our body. This is called ABDUCTION and ADDUCTION. The ball and socket joint can also allow us to rotate at the joint. When looking at the basketball jump shot our hips go from a position of flexion to extension. There may also be some rotation of the hips depending on where on court we are shooting from and where the basket is. GOLF

Synovial joint 1
Hinge joints are important when performing a shot in golf. Before striking the ball you must address the ball in the correct way. Your elbows will be extended while addressing the ball and your knees will be slightly flexed. This is possible due to our knees and elbows being hinge joints. As we strike the ball our elbows go from extension to flexion back to extension Synovial joint2

Ball and socket joints are also extremely important to us when performing a shot in golf. It is the ball and socket joint in the hip that allows us to rotate when performing a golf swing. When using correct technique in...
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