Essay On The Aerodynamics Of Basketball

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A basketball is an air filled sphere with a leather skin. There are different companies that make basketballs like Russel & Baden. The different types of shapes affect the aerodynamics of a basketball. Although at first it may sound strange, the motion of a basketball when it leaves the hands of a player is governed by the same physical laws of an airplane. There are multiple ways to affect the aerodynamics of the ball like the flick of the wrist, force and the quickness of the release when you shoot. The texture of a basketball as well as the weight can play on the aerodynamics of the basketball and can affect the rotation speed.
The first thing i'm going to talk about is the flick of your wrist you have when you shoot. As you gain knowledge of the game of basketball you learn that your wrist, hand, and arm should look just like a goose neck. When I was young my coach said that the reason for your form should look like a goose neck because it gives
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As you shoot if you use an extensive amount of force that’ll be to hard and you will hit the backboard. If you use not enough force you will airball which is way worse than just hitting the backboard. How much force does it takes to make the perfect shoot? It depends on your distance away from the goal and your strength. So therefor the amount of force is the most important thing to talk about when talking about the aerodynamics of a basketball. Also in all levels of basketball people lacking the built body use a lot of force to shoot and just so happen that those people are some of the world's’ best shooters. Some of those people are Stephen Curry, point guard of the Golden State Warriors, Buddy Hield, shooting guard of Oklahoma University, and Lamar Peters, point guard of the Landry-Walker Charging Bucs’. All of those guys are hard working players who use a lot of force to be labeled as the best shooters on their

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