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1.1 Overview
1.2 Justification
1.3 In brief

2.1 Defining a computer
2.2 Four types of computers

3.1 Summary
3.2 Insights
3.3 Recommendations

1.1 Overview
A computer is an electronic device that receives (input) data, processes that data, stores data and produces results (output). Computer can be classified according to their data representation that is functionality, based on their purpose or based on their physical size. It’s the classifications that bring about types of computers. There are four types of computers that is, micro computer, minicomputer, mainframe computer and super computer. 1.2 Justifications

Understanding the types of computers will be helpful in determining whether it’s suitable for the intended purpose. For example if it’s a simple task for an individual or small organization then the microcomputer will be more suitable than a main frame computer which serve large organization. 1.3 In brief

In this essay we define what a computer is in detail in terms of the input, process and output. The features, purposes, functioning, subclasifications and costs of the four types of computers are also discussed. 3.0 TYPES OF COMPUTERS

2.1 Defining A Computer
According to Saleemi (2009), “A computer may be defined as a machine which accepts data from an input device performs arithmetical and logical operations in accordance with a predefined program and finally transfers the processed data to an output device. The definition of computer can be viewed broadly in three major cases as illustrated below: Input

Data and instructions
Execution and storage

“(All computers can perform the functions of inputting, storing, processing, controlling, styling and outputting data and information (Ravichdndran, 2001 pg2).” It works upon the input data using the issued instructions, this means that the computer cannot do any useful job on its own; hence it’s a clever fool. The term GIGO is also oftenly used to explain this notion that is the computer can only work as per the instructions sets issued, hence if instructions sets conform to the solving of the problem at hand then it will do it even faster and accurately. But if instructions set do not conform to the solving of the problem then the computer also solves it in the same manner of the instructions set. Hence Garbage in Garbage Out (GIGO). There are varieties of computers with a variety of their operational characteristics. The computer can be classified in many useful ways depending on the objective of whoever is doing the classification. 2.2 Four types of computers compared

The four major categories of computers based on their physical size are micro computers, mini computers, mainframe computers and super computers. These categories are based on the differences in size, speed, processing capabilities and price of computers. Due to rapidly changing technology, the categories cannot be defined precisely. For example the speed used to define a mainframe today may be used to define mini computers next year. Some characteristics may overlap categories still; they frequently are used and should be understood. Mainframe computers

They are most expensive of all computers and very big in size and offer the maximum computing power (Saleemi 2009). They are generally used in large networks of computers with the mainframe being the node point of the network. Smaller computer or terminals are then attached through satellites so that data could be centralized at one place will data processing could be performed via the satellites. A good example is the airline reservation system. The airlines have a mainframe computer at their head office where information of all the flights is stored. Small computers installed at the booking offices are attached to the central data bank so that up to date...
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