Topics: Investment, Unified Modeling Language, Management Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: June 22, 2014
For this project you will work to propose a M-Commerce solution to solve a particular business problem. Your team will research, analyze, define, and propose a technology-based business solution. The end product will be both a paper and a presentation that describes the problem and the business solution.

NOTE: Parts of this project are due at the end or several modules beginning with getting to know your group in Module 2. Be sure to plan your work accordingly.

The project should minimally contain the following sections:

Business and Market Overview - your client’s organization, management, business model, their products and services, and their growth strategy. Elaborate on the distinct external pressures on their business. This section must include an illustration Porter’s Model with the unique and specific pressures that your client faces. Problem Definition – Identify the core business problem that your client has engaged your team to solve. For that problem, identify the overarching business process. Explain the current, or 'AS-IS', state process and illustrate it with a UML Activity Diagram with partitions, a.k.a Swimlane diagram that the customer leverages that could be improved with the use of technologies. Refer to Figure 3-6 of your text for a sample Swimlane diagram. Business Solution Proposal – taking the 'AS-IS' model from section 2, elaborate on how technology will be utilized to streamline or optimize the current process in order to solve the stated business problem. Explain the future, or ‘ 'TO-BE', state process and illustrate it with a UML Activity Diagram. Be sure to include any key technology in its own Swimlane. Also, elaborate on any new, updated, enhanced IT Infrastructure (hardware, databases, networks, business intelligence, RFID, sensor networks, and/or software) required to support the solution. The line items that come out of this section should be part of the investment cost details in Section 4. Solution Assessment - Leverage...

Citations: that document your research are a critical
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