Tylenol Murders

Topics: Customer, Time, Mass media Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Case Study
Public Relations
The Tylenol Murders

1. If Johnson & Johnson had decided to “tough out” the first reports of the deaths instead of recalling the product things would have gone differently for the company. Their customers would have felt like they were betrayed because the company didn’t do anything about the deaths. It was their job to make sure the product was not the only reason for the deaths and to also reassure their costumers that the capsules are safe to take.

2. They did a good job in responding to the first round of Tylenol murders. They could have giving a press release explaining how the Tylenol capsules were not the only factor for the murders, or showing the process of how the capsules are made and each ingredient that goes into them.

3. Tylenol has been in the business for a long time. If they proved that their capsules weren’t the cause of the murders I don’t see any problem in them reintroducing extra-strength Tylenol. In my opinion, they should have waited a certain period of time to take them out in the market again. Everyone was still trying to see the factors of the murders and having the company reintroducing the product rapidly was not such a good idea.

4. I think they did a good job by removing it fast because in that way the consumers could see that the company cared about them. If they had left the products on the shelves like if nothing had happened, then there would have been more chaos. People would judge Tylenol to the extremes and would not take them serious again since they didn’t do anything about it.

5. Johnson & Johnson handled the public properly. The people in charge of the company addressed the media immediately and tried to do the best they could to stop the crisis. It was a good move to use the media as a weapon and because of that they were able to find a solution.

6. The media was pretty helpful when the Tylenol crises occurred. They responded to each of their...
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