Health Care Communications

Topics: Sociology, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Mass media Pages: 5 (1397 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Health Care Communication Methods
DeAndrea Wheeler
June 11, 2013
Chalon Washington

As the Communication Coordinator for this well known drug manufacturer, we will now debate and discus how we will get information to the public about the negative effects that our medications are causing the public. Our goal, as a vital asset to the public and medical community, is to convey all concerns to our community in a very sensitive and careful way. Using the power of newspapers, radio, internet, social networking and news related companies. The local news has already reported that a well-known public figure has been effected which goes against the health portability and accountability act. So as communication coordinator it is important to communicate this issue carefully, addressing the proper population, without losing business and the trust we created with our investors and consumers. Today in our meeting, we will discuss very important aspects of our company’s medical concerns and deciding which communication tactic is most suitable for this situation, while sticking to the very important and necessary HIPPAA guidelines. We will start by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using traditional media, to get the news out to a significant number of the population. Recent reports of negative effects caused by one of the company’s medications need to be addressed. News reports have alleged that one of the individuals is a well-known public figure. Traditional media can include magazines, newspapers, radio and television. There are some great advantages on why these media outlets would be great in reaching our audience regarding this health scare. Two great methods are newspaper and magazines; they can help because we can be precise and explicit when discussing our issue. Additionally, these methods will provide use with a permanent record of the manufacturer attempt to reach the public (Advantages and disadvantages of written communication, 2012). Two other good methods are television and radio. These methods are beneficial because they are cost effective. It allows the communication coordinator to reach the audience directly, while showing attentiveness, emotion and concern about the negative effects caused by our medication. All these tactics seem like they will work however there are disadvantages with sticking to traditional media outlets instead of using social media or electronic sites. Some main concerns the coordinator will have with using traditional media is that it can only reach a limited amount of people and the company is restricted to a small scope of listerners and readers. According to the national center for education statistcs the U.S. reads between the 8th and 9th grade reading levels. (NCES, 2003). The lack of education and the advancement of technology will minimize the effectiveness of radio, magazines and newspapers.

The communication coordinator will continue talking about the different methods of communication. By discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using electronic media, to get information to the public without breaking any HIPAA laws. Some advantages of electronic communication, is that the media tends to be very fast, cost-effective and convenient. Electronic communication will let the coordinator combine numerous media; text graphics sound and video in a single message. This will also give the coordinator the chance to set up a website to give good credible information directly targeted to the population that is effected by the medication, with less chances of interfering with the laws set in place by the HIPPA act. This form of media can result in far more meaningful communication tailored to the population effected by the national drug manufacturer medication. Increasingly doctors are communicating with other practitioners, hospitals, clinics and patients via portable devices. However these attributes contains disadvantages. The technology that enables health care...
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