Two tale of stories

Topics: Ethics, Value system, Sales Pages: 2 (1115 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Assignment One---Tale of two stories
The experience I had about how I act on my core values in the workplace took place in the past summer, when I worked for a Forex Trading Platform Technology Provider Company and hereafter will be referred to as BT. Here is a brief background of my experience. I was working as Sales representative for Chinese Market and in a meeting of deciding our sales strategy to Chinese Clients, my direct manger, Matt asked us to avoid mentioning anything about hidden fees in our platform while focusing on telling our potential clients that we are very price competitive. I felt that it is unethical to our clients although I aware that this kind of dishonesty behavior had become an industry norm in the past few years and based on my understanding of Chinese Clients, they would skeptical about our charge eventually. I raised my concern about it might destroy our reputation in the booming Chinese market if this detected by our clients and my resentment of such behavior. My direct manger, Matt responded in a one-on-one meeting after the Sales meeting. He told me that he realize the negative implication of such dishonesty behavior however, since everyone else in the industry is doing the same thing and by not doing it can cause us losing huge amount of potential clients because we are in a high price competitive industry. And given the urgency of acquiring market share in a huge Chinese market, BT cannot risk the chance of telling the clients’ the truth. However, in the future, when our market share in China is secured and we have more a more optimal business scale. BT will eliminate the hidden fee or subtly inform our client the hidden fee. Although I did not change the outcome in this case, at least I tried and let my manger revealed the severity and consequences of this issue again. The main motivation drives me to speak up in a circumstance that I know there is very little chance of altering the outcome is one of core values, honesty. I...
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