Nvq 3 Health and Social Care Unit 2

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Pia George NVQ Health and Social Care

Unit 2: Engage in Personal Development in Health and Social Care Settings

1.1 & 1.2
My job requires that I am personally responsible to uphold the statement of values in all areas of my work. I have to provide emotional and educational support and demonstrate a caring attitude towards others which is based on respect dignity and equality. I plan organise and implement activities within my service, following risk assessments. I, as with any member of staff am involved in the planning and delivering of learning programmes which support personal and behavioural change, with direction and support from my senior. I maintain communication with other members of staff regarding individuals, sharing relevant information.

Working within the statutory legislation requirements and in accordance with the general Education and Care policies.

Reflecting on your practice is important as it allows you to identify areas in which you need to improve, i.e. communication. I may ask to go on training for Makaton as I find it difficult to understand what is being communicated by a certain service user. This would benefit both myself and the service user. I have some difficulty in communicating with M.A. He uses Makaton very loosely, and his speech skills are very limited. When I first started work with him I really struggled. I brought this up in supervision and at my 3 month probation meeting, as I felt that I was somehow failing in my role as a support worker. However, my mind was put at rest by both my senior and HOS as they too struggled to understand what he was saying. I; like them, have learned to persevere and have a better understanding of what it is he is trying to convey. It is very important to reflect upon the work I’m doing and have done, and consider how well (or not) I did it. Questions I constantly ask myself are “Could I have done anything differently?” or “What went well and what could have been better?” or...
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