Twelve O Clock High

Topics: Pakho Chau, Death Penalty, Mind Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Twelve O’ Clock High Study Questions
1.) What is the development level of the 918th at the beginning of the film? Justify your answer. I feel it was a D2: The reason is at the beginning of the movie the men’s morale was low. The unit’s performance was suffering due to such things as the command to fly lower in altitude to increase accuracy, resulted in greater causality loss. The other problem was Colonel Davenport was a close friend to the men and had difficulty in separating himself on his personal feeling of the mission which influenced the men’s outlook on the mission. If he would have executed the mission according to the command I feel the men’s development level would have been much different. 2.) What would you say was Colonel Davenport’s preferred leadership style? Provide an example. I think it would be more of a S3 he was more of a support to his men he cared about their well being and safety of the mission. He struggled in giving command to his men when it was going to put them in greater harm than what he felt was necessary for the mission to be accomplished. 3.) Which leadership style do you think General Pritchard used when dealing with davenport? It was definitely S1 General Pritchard showed low support to Davenports concern of the mission and his men’s safety. General Pritchard was more concern in victory of the mission and accomplishing his command. I felt he was highly directive in making decision and closed minded in others opinions of the mission. I kinda felt that he had more of this is the way we are going to execute the mission and if you are not will to follow my command then you will be re-directed to another command that’s the attitude that I got from the movie.

4.) What do you think savage’s primary leadership style has been in the past before he took command of the 918th? Provide an example. S4 General Savage was very aggressive in his approach with the 918th command which resulted in the men resisting against his...
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