Topics: World War II, World War I, Battle of France Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: April 16, 2013
What Really Happened?
1. The British troops were evacuated between the period from 28-31 May 1940. 2. The reason this is the case is because at 1940 both countries only showed the civilians the good side of what was happening in that they both wanted support by the civilians to carry on the war. This was achieved by ways of propaganda to make them believe war was good. However this all changed, as time went on they found the truth and when the war was over they explained what was going on to the people that is because they did not want their country to be worried about the many troops who were dying, lost or injured on the rescue mission. 3. At 5:30 a.m. on May 10, 1940, Nazi Germany began a massive attack against Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. Defending those countries were soldiers of the British Expeditionary Force along with the French, Belgian, and Dutch armies. The Germans relied on an aggressive battle plan, utilizing modern communications such as radio to direct troops in the field. The Allies, for their part, assumed a defensive posture, just as they had done at the start of World War I. As a result, the German Blitzkrieg (lightning attack) caught the Allies off-guard. German Panzer tanks staged a surprise attack, The "Miracle at Dunkirk" occurred next as 338,000 British and French soldiers were hurriedly evacuated from the coastline by Royal Navy ships on civilian boats of every shape and size. 4. The German Nazis invaded Norway in April of 1940.

5. The only escape route was the harbour and beaches of Dunkirk - beaches too shallow for military craft. But countless little steamers, yachts and fishing boats, some taken over by the navy, some piloted by their citizen owners, ferried the trapped soldiers to bigger vessels at sea, and then in safety back home. 6. The main danger was very much the threat from the German on coming forces heading towards them, forcing them to speed up and add pressure to evacuation....
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