Tv Manufacturing Industry in India

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Analysis of

TV Manufacturing Industry

By: Manglesh R. Yadav

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1. History Of TV in India 3
2. Samsung Electronics 3
3. LG Electronics 8
4. SONY 11
5. Videocon 13
6. My View 15
7. References 17

Television Manufacturers and their growth

History Of TV in India:

Television has been in India for over 40 years now. During the first few years the growth of television was very sparing and the distribution happened of mostly black and white sets. This was because in the early period the people used to think of it as a luxury item without which the life could go on. It is in the last 25 years that the television market has picked up pace and is growing rapidly. A very significant year in the advent of television industry in India was 1982. This was the time when the Indian government allowed import of thousands of color TV sets for the broadcast of Asian Games held in New Delhi. After this the real boom of TV industry started. Today India is the largest market for TV sets and also viewership. Not only this, but overall TV industry is the most booming sector among consumer electronics in India.

The main market capture is divided in between Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, etc.


Samsung Electronics is a South Korean organization which manufactures TV and is globally the leader in LCD TV section. For over 70 years Samsung Electronics has served the world with new innovations. On March 1, 1938, founding chairman Byung-Chull Lee started business in Taegu, Korea. Samsung started the production of its first Black and white television (model: P-3202) in 1970. In the phase from 1990-99 Samsung came up with lot of innovations and they were the first company to produce and supply a whole line of digital TVs. In 2010 Samsung Electronics began mass producing industry’s first 3D TV panel. Over the years Samsung has won lot of awards for

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